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When was the last time your SCUBA equipment was checked? Our staff of Certified Technicians are trained in Service and Maintenance of most major brands of Regulators and Buoyancy Control Devices. Contact Us now for assistance.

Our technical shop is always open during regular business hours. Bring in your equipment for its annual maintenance, or just to be checked out. We can handle any type of repair, big or small. Our expert technicians have the skills to get you back in the water!


Snorkeling & scuba

Aqua Adventures is a PADI Dive Center.
We offer beginner diver certification through the PADI Open Water SCUBA Diver course as well as expert training in all other aspects of recreational SCUBA diving.
Learn to SCUBA dive and enjoy a lifetime of adventure! Courses can be planned to meet anyone's busy schedule. During each session you will receive training from highly trained dive professionals.  If you are extremely busy, ask us about our Executive Scuba/Home Study Program.  Check out
our classes page for more detail.




Aqua Adventures offers affordable rental rates on the most commonly asked for dive equipment. This way you don't have to miss your big trip because your dive computer crashed! 

Rental Prices

Regulator w/ Octo & Depth/Pressure Gauge

Buoyancy Compensator$15$30$75
7mm Wetsuit$15$30$75
Gloves or Hood$3$6$15
Nitrox capable Dive Computer$15$30$75
Dry Suit$35$70$175
80 CuFt. Aluminum Tank$9$18$45
80 CuFt. Aluminum Tank filled with Nitrox$17.50$35$87.50
98 CuFt. Steel Tank$11$22$55
98 CuFt. Steel Tank filled with Nitrox$22$44$110
Egress System$20$40$100
Pony Bottle$9$18$45