CLOSED AUGUST 17 - 25 Open Mon-Fri 11-7, Sat 10-5


362 Lancaster Avenue Frazer PA 19355

Ready to start?  Great!  Here's how!

  1. Create your online profile at 

  2. Review the SSI medical questionnaire
    If there are any "Yes" answers, you will need page 2 signed by your physician indicating it is safe for you to participate. If the answer is "No" to EVERY question, this form is not needed. Please make sure you have this step fully completed, including the physician's approval (if there are any "Yes"answers) before step 3.

  3. Come in to the shop, call us, go to our online store or click the image on the right to pay for the registration (50% of the course fee, or $200). If paying online, you'll be prompted to indicating which class you'd like to attend. The class schedule is in our calendar. This fee unlocks the online class, and is not refundable. Please make sure you've completed step 2, including physician approval if applicable before completing this step!
  4. You will receive an email welcoming you to the Open Water Diver program, with the link to begin the online training! You must complete the online course, including all quizzes, before your class begins.