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362 Lancaster Avenue Frazer PA 19355

Jack & Diana Cox


Jack became an Open Water Diver in 1976, and worked his way up to Instructor Certifier, training both Jeff & Ted.  Together with Diana he founded Aqua Adventures / Off the Wall Travel in 1993 and shared the underwater world with countless people.  They are both now enjoying retirement.

Ted Bolton


With a life-long love for the water, Ted first experienced Scuba on resort dives in Hawaii and Nassau as a “check off” on his bucket list and eventually completed the Open Water certification in 2007. Becoming instantly addicted to diving he then worked toward becoming an Open Water Instructor and enjoys introducing his students to the intriguing, challenging and peaceful world of Scuba. Be it the Caribbean, Florida Keys, New Jersey or PA quarries, Ted appreciates diving anywhere with anyone and believes that there is always something new to experience in life and in diving.

Steve Windle

Dive control specialist

Steve enjoys diving anywhere. He feels that one of the best benifits of being a Dive Con is meeting and helping a wide variety of people that come to the store. He says this diversity of divers always makes the dive trips a lot of fun.

Ika Merkel

Director, Public relations

Ika (Ē-Kah) is the official greeter at Aqua Adventures. She isn't much into diving just yet, but loves to hear all of your stories! Her favorite part of being in the dive industry is all the friendly people who come in to play tug of war with her!

Jeff & Lori Merkel


Jeff began his love affair with scuba diving while studying it at Temple University in the early 90's. He rekindled the flame by getting certified through SSI at Aqua Adventures in 2007 and quickly found diving to be the peaceful escape from the corporate world he had been searching for. He eventually gave in to that little voice in his head that was encouraging him to pursue a career change, and became a full time dive professional. He has a particular passion for underwater photography and would love to show you his pictures when you stop by the shop to say hello.

Lori was hooked the moment she saw a green sea turtle during a Try Scuba session with Jeff in Hawaii.  She is now a Master Diver and a Silver Diver, and enjoys pointing out all the critters for Jeff to photograph.