Sean Rosenbaum


Captured at a young age by the beauty of the sea, Sean knew his passion was Scuba Diving. Obtaining his Open Water certification in 2009 he continued his dive education, eventually becoming an Open Water Instructor in 2015. If you don't see Sean under the water, you'll catch him working on equipment repairs or planning his next trip abroad.  Sean's passion for diving is equally matched to his love of travel.  By the age of 26, Sean had traveled to 5 out of 7 continents. He hopes to continue his love of diving by teaching his students about the wonders that lie beneath the sea.

Rick Smethers


Rick grew up watching the adventures of Jacques Cousteau and was captivated with the underwater world. During a trip to Mexico snorkeling with his family in late 2009, Rick made the decision that watching from above was just a small taste of what was available to see below; so, when opportunity presented itself, he was certified in 2010 at Aqua Adventures and Rick has continued his dive adventures and training ever since. Rick is a PADI Divemaster, SDI Divemaster, SSI Master diver, and holds multiple certifications.  Rick is currently an active diver and Lieutenant with Station 77 Dive Rescue Unit in Chester County.  He is certified as a Public Safety Diver through Dive Rescue International, a certified TDI Rebreather Diver, and a Dive Technician at the Adventure Aquarium where he performs routine exhibit maintenance and cleaning in the aquarium's 760,000-gallon Ocean Realm Tank. Divers also perform popular dive shows using underwater microphone technologies.  Rick enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with new divers.

Tony Moreau


​Tony participated in a Try Scuba session in 2013 while on vacation in St. Maarten. After diving alongside a turtle for a couple of minutes he was hooked. He came back from that trip and came straight to Aqua Adventures to enroll in an Open Water Diver class. Now, after logging close to 150 dives, he is an Assistant Instructor. Besides diving, Tony does triathlons and is fluent in French. While on trips, don’t look for him on land - he is most likely underwater.

Jeff & Lori Merkel


Jeff began his love affair with scuba diving while studying it at Temple University in the early 90's. He rekindled the flame by getting certified at Aqua Adventures in 2007 and quickly found diving to be the peaceful escape from the corporate world he had been searching for. He eventually gave in to that little voice in his head that was encouraging him to pursue a career change, and became a full time dive professional. He is currently a Master Scuba Diver Trainer with PADI, and an Assistant Instructor Trainer, rated as a Master Instructor with SSI.

Lori was hooked the moment she saw a green sea turtle during a Try Scuba session with Jeff in Hawaii.  She is now an Assistant Instructor and holds the Gold Diver rating.

Lee Paynter

Assistant Instructor

Lee began diving in 1986, when his work occasionally took him to the British Virgin Islands.  Over the next few years he took a resort course, more than once, when the occasion to dive presented itself.  His open water certification was with Aqua Adventures in 2000.  Other than a Dry Suit  certification in 2007, Lee just dived when able until 2014, when he had the opportunity to combine his love of flying with his love of diving on an underwater aviation archaeology trip to a remote area of the mid-Pacific.  In preparation for that trip, he added several recreational and professional certifications and is currently an Assistant Instructor with Aqua Adventures. 

Sandra Sodilo


​Always dreaming of getting to see hammerheads with her own eyes, Sandra decided to give scuba diving a try. She got certified in the Red Sea in 2009 and has been on the hunt for hammerheads since. She has been on many trips with Aqua Adventures and loving dive life, getting certified as Divemaster in 2018. Besides diving, Sandra is fluent in German, and spends her free time volunteering at an animal rescue and torturing herself at CrossFit. She is also part of the infamous Precision Dive Team 3.

Ika Merkel

Director, Public relations

Ika (Ē-Kah) is the official greeter at Aqua Adventures. She isn't much into diving just yet, but loves to hear all of your stories! Her favorite part of being in the dive industry is all the friendly people who come in to play tug of war with her!

Ted Bolton


With a life-long love for the water, Ted first experienced Scuba on resort dives in Hawaii and Nassau as a “check off” on his bucket list and eventually completed the Open Water certification in 2007. Becoming instantly addicted to diving he then worked toward becoming an Open Water Instructor and enjoys introducing his students to the intriguing, challenging and peaceful world of Scuba. Be it the Caribbean, Florida Keys, New Jersey or PA quarries, Ted appreciates diving anywhere with anyone and believes that there is always something new to experience in life and in diving.

Geoff Eldringhoff(MyGeoff)


​​Geoff has always been at home in the water, from many years of childhood swimming lessons and summers spent in the public pool with his brothers to joining the U.S. Navy and sailing around the world. He certified through Aqua Adventures as an Open Water Diver in 2017 in preparation for a long-overdue honeymoon to St. Lucia.  The trip was epic, and he has been hooked ever since.  Geoff and his wife Casey even bought an RV to make their frequent weekend dive trips to Dutch Springs more comfortable.  He enjoys cheering on his hometown favorite teams the KC Royals and KC Chiefs, playing church-league softball, and working on home remodeling projects.  He also loves learning and self-improvement, which is why he is almost always enrolled in some form of recreational or professional scuba class.  He enjoys helping others discover the thrill of scuba diving and was certified as an Assistant Instructor in 2019.

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