Entry Level Scuba Lessons

Open Water diver

International certification is accredited through Scuba Schools International (SSI). Aqua Adventures' professional staff, combined with our unique approach to scuba education, ensures you a safe, thorough learning experience. If you are going to compare programs, please compare them to the list below. 

​Aqua Adventures Open Water Diver Program includes the necessary items to allow you to become a Safe & Comfortable Diver:

​Online training
Lecture and online learning review in Aqua Adventures on-site classroom
SSI International Open Water Certification
Water skills taught in a heated indoor pool (off-site)
Multiple SSI Open Water Instructors on Staff to Answer Any Questions at Any Time
Private & Executive Home Study Available
Classes Limited to 6 Students Per Instructor
SSI Internationally recognized Certification Card
Equipment Systems Counseling
All Equipment Required for the Safe Scuba Program
Instructor fees for 5 Open Water Certification Dives
SSI Total DiveLog System

At a minimum, you will be required to invest in your own personal Surface Support and Propulsion System, which consists of Mask, Snorkel, Diving Fins, and Boots. (Students receive a 10% discount, if purchased at Aqua Adventures). Your Surface Support and Propulsion System will typically range between $150 and $300 depending on the quality you select and your budget, with an option to exchange an item if there are problems with fit. It is vital you learn to dive with properly fitted equipment. 

​In addition to the training dates listed, you will be required to complete "Open Water Certification" dives before receiving certification. These dives can be done with us at a local quarry over a weekend, on any of our dive trips, or at a resort destination of your choice. The cost for each option varies. Please contact us for details and help in deciding which is right for you.

What Does it Cost?
Phase 1 fee (Classroom & Pool):  $400, which includes everything listed above
Phase 2 fee (Open Water Certification Dives):  FREE!  
​If you have chosen not to purchase your own scuba gear by the time you're ready to do your checkout dives, a fee of $75 for the gear rental applies.  You will also need to pay admission to the quarry if you decide to do your dives with us there.  We do not charge you anything else!

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I'm in! How do I sign up?

Just go to our Registration Page and follow the instructions! If you have any questions, give us a call!

Class Schedule

Open Water diver

Next weekend class starts September 6

Private classes always available.

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